Images shown in the categories singlerotor, twinrotor,  CONSTAGs and skycranes are JPG images of CAD renderings. 3D CAD images are in DWG format. Recommended is the freeware "DWG TrueView 2020" of Autodesk, which is downloadable on their website. Your device would need min. 8 GB of RAM to work properly.   

"Tethered flight"

Shutters closed to create central wing body, robotic legs in flight position"Tethered flight simulation" of a single rotor Packwing show model

"On the rocks"

Shutters open for max. airflow to the vertical rotor, robotic legs adapted to the ground keeping the aircraft in a stable positionShowmodel on steep & rocky ground

Tandemflight with pipe-spool

Tandem formation of twinrotor Packwings to transport bulky items like industrial prefabricated pipeline segmentsTandem formation for air transport of long & bulky items