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Glossary of eVTOL aircraft development & Direct Air Mobility



A comprehensive list of Aeronautical Abbreviations & Codes issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO you can find from up page 15 under


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Abbreviations & terms
used in relation to the emerging realm of eVTOL aircraft, organizations involved, and infrastructure.

A & D – Aerospace & Defense

AAM - Advanced Air Mobility: "According to a 2020 paper by the US National Academies of Sciences entitled Advancing Aerial Mobility: A National Blueprint, advanced aerial mobility "involves the emergence of transformative and disruptive new airborne technology supporting an ecosystem designed to transport people and things to locations not traditionally served by current modes of air transportation, including both rural and the more challenging and complex urban environments." "
According to NASA, Advanced Air Mobility is the "emerging aviation markets to safely develop an air transportation system that moves people and cargo between places previously not served or underserved by aviation – local, regional, intraregional, urban – using revolutionary new aircraft that are only just now becoming possible..."