emergency & medical services, air taxi, air cargo, skycranes and moreNo flying cars: Modular eVTOL aircraft system based on flying robots

PACKWING eVTOL aircraft  

flying robots 

for future Direct Air Mobility

powerful - safe - sustainable

use cases

Fast response in natural and human made catastrophes, services in society and economyFast response & services

     Emergency & medical services, disaster relief, fast                     evacuations, air taxi services & more

CAD & 3D print models

JPG images of CAD models and photos of the 3D printing process of show modelsCAD images & making-of photos

More imagery, dia-shows, drawings & show models here


key features


Passenger & cargo modules for single & twinrotor 

Easy access also for elderly or disabled passengers is crucial for public acceptanceSingle or double seater with luggage space

  Easy-access-cabin for single-rotor versionmore features here



The configuration of the basic modules allows their combination in different geometries to create powerful skycranes for deployments in economy and disaster reliefSkycranes in various geometries by combined basic modules

  Basic modules for single & twinrotor

Basic modules as core elements for a future system of electrically powered flying robotsSingle or twinrotor basic module as core elements of future flying robots


Packwings in global eVTOL aircraft database: