The PACKWING project

flying into the future

Welcome to the PACKWING project!

eVTOL aircraft rethought



PACKWINGs are electrically driven hybrid aircraft, able to start & land vertically like a helicopter and to fly horizontally like an airplane. Fuel cells deliver electrical energy for vertikal rotors and tiltable e-fans.

There is a singlerotor and a twinrotor version. Both versions are combinable as well to create powerful multirotor units. 3D drawings of all versions you can find here.

High demands are placed on such a system, and PACKWING eVTOL aircraft shall fulfill these demands: 

safety, usability and sustainability.

The application spectrum of PACKWINGs ranges from air taxi services to skycrane deployments.

There are 250+ eVTOL aircraft developments listed by The Vertical Flight Society, and PACKWINGs will be one of them in the near future.