Use cases for Packwings as the core element of a future modular air transportation system in 

Direct Air Mobility

Trends & driving forces: The threat of new pandemics, climate change, land subsidence, a fast growing global population & a new kind of workforce - remote workers & digital nomads


  • Medical services, air ambulance & disaster relief: Ambulance flights in urban and rural or remote areas; transport of medical personal, medications and equipment to hot spots in pandemics; fast refrigerated transports e.g. of vaccines, organs, tissue samples. Transport of urgently needed goods, personal and equipment into and fast evacuations of people out of areas hit by or in front of Earth quakes, landslides, storms, wild fires, floods, blizzards, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and other natural or human-made catastrophes like industrial accidents; search & rescue missions.
Exchangeable emergency containe for air ambulance services or delivery of urgently needed medical goodsTwinrotor Packwing with emergency container
  • Air taxi & VIP services for time-saving passenger transport in densely populated areas with traffic congestion; connecting remote & rural areas with urban centers & vice versa.
  • Aerial fire fighting & evacuations: With single aircraft-container combinations or a combination of several basic modules and a fire-fighting platform to extinguish wild / domestic / industrial fires; preventing the extension of fires by building up foam walls or lathering the fire prone parts of buildings. Evacuations of residents of endangered areas.
  • Bridging gaps in infrastructure in mountainous areas, at rivers, in areas with thawing permafrost or between islands; building an infrastructure network in areas with a general lack of infrastructure or areas hit by climate change.
  • Mild tourism, trade fair visits & shopping tours: Dropping (i.a.) cyclists, paragliders or hunters with or without leisure containers into rural areas. Bringing executive teams to trade fairs or industry events.
  • Remote work: Office container for remote workers & digital nomads.
  • Express services for urgently needed goods like industrial or agricultural spare parts; refrigerated transport of perishable foods like sea food, fresh herbs or forest mushrooms.  
  • E-commerce: Express deliveries (i.a.) of bulky items like bicycles, 3D printers, TVs or furniture.
  • Selective agriculture and forestry: Precise monitoring of forests and agricultural crops, pest control and fertilization.
  • Skycranes in industry & construction: Combining basic modules in several geometric configurations to enlarge performance for heavy lift or bulky items like parts of wind turbines, power pylons or industrial prefabricated pipeline segments.
Skycranes for for short or medium range missions to transport bulky items in the airspaceSkycranes created by the combination of several basic modules
  • Military, police & other sovereign services: General supply; reconnaissance incl. early warning & radar, anti-tank / anti-helicopter / anti-drone missions, special operations, mine sweeping or electronic warfare. Traffic monitoring & control, law enforcement. Border control & customs services. Supplying scientific expeditions, engineering teams or military outposts.
  • Aerial archeology & other scientific services: Scientific services which would benefit from VTOL onsite to investigate & taking samples -> archeology, geology, biology + + + 

Key features of Packwings

  • Safety first -> emergency parachutes & airbags: Ballistic parachutes on the upper side of the basic modules and oversized airbags at the bottom of passenger cabins for high safety in a case of emergency. The stretched robotic legs in landing position can be sacrificed as well to reduce the impact of an emergency landing
  • Modular designed aircraft system for versatility, efficiency & sustainability. It enables the upgrading of aircraft and the system as a whole when technology advances.
  • e-powered by fuel cells, combined with buffer batteries for ->
  • Ranges up to 1.000 km / 620 mi.
  • Speed of 150 - 250 km/h or 90 - 155 mi/h: Optimum speed for best flight comfort in the lower atmosphere above cities and industrial areas. 
  • Combinable to skycranes
  • All-terrain capable due to robotic landing gear and foldable wings: Useful feature for emergency services & disaster relief, mild tourism and other deployments on steep, rocky, bushy or flooded ground. The foldable wings enable Packwings to land / start between trees and other upright obstacles.


Additional wings on 45° to enable lateral EDF-units being turned in vertical position to increase liftTwinrotor Packwing with cargo container in start- & landing position
  • Exchangeable passenger cabins & cargo units for max. system utilization -> e.g. passenger transport during day-time, cargo transport during night-time. Easy access for passengers. Easy exchange. High safety by two independent systems of fixation.
  • 3D printed -> scalable size & payload: The biggest challenge under technological & regulatory aspects. 
  • Jacketed drives for safety and noise reduction: Both issues crucial for max. safety and public acceptance.